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Main products: digital thermal transfer printing machine, flat 3 d embossing machine, small thermal transfer machine, multi-function automatic printing machine, ribbon printing machine, fabric crinkle machine, knitting fabric jointless embossing machine, bronzing positioning printing machine, multi-function folding machine series.
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  • Brush flower machine
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  • Ribbon printing series
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Wuxi Chengming Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
Wuxi Chengming Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of textile machinery. The company in more than 10 years has always been with professional technologyDevelop professional and humanized equipment, continuously develop digital heat transfer printing equipment and all kinds of textile machinery and equipment to meet the needs of industry users, and pass CE certificationThey are sold to Europe and America. Sales network all over the world. Such as: India, Vietnam, Brazil, South Korea, Thailand, Algeria, Pakistan, etc
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